Centre for Performing Arts

Centre for Performing Arts holds the college together with a common bond with the shared knowledge of art and values of a society. It is something which one can never learn, it can only be an experience. With the vision of enriching values, augment social interactions and nourish young minds, the centre has formed two clubs under its umbrella - Cultural Club- “KALADHAMANI” theatrical Club-“ABHIVYAKTHI ” . The Objectives of the clubs are:

  • To provide exposure to rich cultural values, customs and traditions of our country.
  • To organize cultural and theatrical events, to keep the campus vibrant throughout the year.
  • To augment social interactions and develop team building and leadership.
  • To mould the personality of students.
  • The club provides facilities such as recording studio, audio facility, practice hall and auditorium. The major activities included in the club are Inter & Intra Collegiate Fests, Fashion Shows, Talent shows, Competitions and Art Exhibitions.

    To realize the objective, the clubs have vibrant teams viz.,

    • Classical dance team – NATYAVRUNDHA
    • Western and filmy dance team- RHYTHMIC SQUAD
    • Contemporary dance team – BLACK ILLUSIONS
    • Fashion show team - FASHIONVISTA
    • Choir team – AROHAN
    • Theatrical team - ABHIVYAKTHI

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